AL-Technology is a Danish company focusing primarily on two areas: Commissioning and selling Second Hand Equipment (SHE) World wide, and Technical Seminars (TS) to the Broadcast Industry.


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Second Hand Equipment (SHE)

Second Hand Equipment can typically be used by the broadcast and telecom industry and at very attractive prices. Second Hand Equipment from AL-Technology is full functioning equipment manufactured and designed by well known manufacturers like Pro-Bel/Snell, Crystal Vision and Ericsson Television – typically equipment for infrastructure and compression. The Second Hand Equipment is cheap, with prices much lower than new equipment, technically doing the same job. Ask for our Detailed Equipment Lists (DELs) by sending an e-mail to:


In the Second Hand Equipment area we operate in three areas:

  1. Purchasing for a specific demand/customer.
  2. Sales of our own or cooperation partner’s extensive stock.
  3. Working as a commissionaire on large numbers of equipment.

Second Hand Equipment trading is intensively supported thanks to a close contact to our world wide group of trade Circles, consisting of companies like ourselves spread over the globe covering different geographical areas and languages (35-40 different companies). The Circles keep each other informed about the need of products and sales possibilities.


AL-Technology has an established contact network to the broadcast and telecom companies in approx. 150 different countries (out of around 200 as a total). When looking at these countries they can be very different – some maintaining high level digital equipment and some running analogue equipment. These facts give a wide level of equipment demands from customers all looking for lower prices.


The Commissionaire tasks arise when a specific customer is re-structuring or want to get rid of equipment which is no longer needed. This can be because the equipment is a bit old fashioned, but still well functioning. As commissionaire AL-Technology makes sure that the equipment in question is sold at the best possible price. We take the role as “middleman” between the owner and the new user. Commission agreements are settled via so called Frame Agreements.

Technical Seminars (TS)

Technical Seminars are another AL-Technology speciality based on deep knowledge about the technology used in the modern digital world (digital signals, compression, IP, transmission methods and further), but based on the original technologies, which originate from the analogue world.

The Technical Seminars are based on the mathematical issues in the technologies used to day.


Approx. 50 Technical Seminars have taken place in several countries so far. The seminars can be held in Danish, Swedish or English language with a maximum of 25 persons per class. Lecturing and white board drawings are the very much used elements in the seminar. By experience this combination of spoken words and drawings is the best method of learning.


To show the content of a typical seminar you find an agenda from one of our seminars below. As you might see from the content there is a balance between video and audio, going from the analogue world into the digital world, compressing the signals, handling the modulation and transmission. IP is included and Fibre-optical issues are covered. The shown agenda can of course be modified to fit specific needs and wishes.


AGENDA, seminar no. 47 (Content and Events)


  • Time (approx.) and Activity. Lecturer Arne Lillevang
  • 08.30–08.45 Registrations, coffee
  • 08.45–09.00 Method for the day, practical information and presentation of lecturer.
  • 09.00–09.30 Mathematics as the total base – where are we due to knowledge?
  • 09.30–10.30 Basic analogue theory in video & audio, SD, HD, 3G, 4K & AES + MADI digital signals and combinations (HorizontalANC (HANC) & VerticalANC (VANC) data). Sampling technology.
  • 10.30–10.45 Break (coffee).
  • 10.45–11.15 SD-SDI + HD-SDI + 3G-SDI (Up-Down) & AES. Signal handling as conversions, synchronisation, embedders / de-embedders, colour correction, distribution, delays, keying and more.
  • 11.15–12.15 Video compression, MPEG-2 & MPEG-4, HEVC – and a bit about JPEG2000, Muxes, Levels & Profiles(Elementary Streams, Packet Streams, Transport Streams & sub-information in the signals).
  • 12.15–13.00 Audio compression, MPEG-1 Layer 2 (DAB), HE AAC v1 & v2 (DAB+) & Dolby.
  • 13.00–13.30 Lunch .
  • 13.30–14.00 Diff. methods concerning “transmission”; simple cable, IP, fibre, analogue TV & Radio, microwave, satellite, used freq. bands, DVB-C-S-T and the “2s” = C2, S2, T2. Hereto radio DAB & DAB+.
  • 14.00–14.30 Modulations in use in Cable -, Satellite - and Terrestrial transfers – QPSK, QAM and COFDM methods The different levels of Forward Error Correction (FEC) – Outer and Inner FEC.
  • 14.30–15.15 Transmission methods – in C, S & T (for T or T2: the old MFN & the new SFN).
  • 15.15-15.30 Break (coffee).
  • 15.30-16.00 Standards & trends in video and audio signal handling and transfers.
  • 16.00-Open session: Questions / Answers, Discussions, End of the Day.


AL Mobile: +45 40 60 01 11